Kuja From 'Final Fantasy IX' Is The New Playable Character On 'Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade' [VIDEO]

12 January 2017, 4:30 am EST By Switchy Sam Mobile & Apps

"Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade" is the fighting game of the century because it melds all characters from the "Final Fantasy" series into one. The game is all about fighting with other players online. The game characters differ in skills and fighting style, which is why players should choose the one that suits their skill and preference. Now, Square Enix has rolled out a new update for the game which adds a new character in "Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade," reported Gematsu. The new character that will be joining the lineup is Kuja, the antagonist from "Final Fantasy IX."

Signature moves that are deadly

Just like the PlayStation portable version of "Dissidia Final Fantasy," Kuja's deadly moves are "Flare Star" and "Seraphic Star." These two finishing moves are not to be underestimated because it packs great killing potential if bravery is huge in value. The most deceptive skill would be "Ultima." This skill is great for Kuja to spam every time whenever an enemy is far or unaware to get a barrage of magic balls and explode on contact. Again, this falls for the scary finishing skills to kill an enemy. Other than that, the voice acting is amazing including the smooth moves. Players always want to see the revolving stars around Kuja.

More updates in the future

Another post from Siliconera mentions that Square Enix is working slowly on the game as well as upcoming updates. Despite the game's slow progress, the updates are sure. Fans are expecting that in the future the game will also have a port for the PlayStation 4, which is possible. However, it all depends on Square Enix to go through it.

You can watch the Kuja announcement trailer below. Stay tuned to MobileNApps for more updates and news on "Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade."

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