iPhone Augmented Reality Glasses In Development With Apple And Carl Zeiss For A 2017 Reveal [See Video]

11 January 2017, 10:44 am EST By Julianne Mobile & Apps

There were notable products featured at the Consumers Electronics Show 2017 such as cars, AI assistance, and mixed reality. Those seem to be the major thrusts of tech companies of late, Apple is no exception.

The Cupertino tech giant has always taken a closed door approached on upcoming products that Apple might develop in months to come, while dropping hints here and there. However, there has been news that Apple has his eyes out on a possible new venture that might make some tech enthusiast drop everything and go for it.

According to Forbes, veteran tech journalist Robert Scoble claims that Apple is working with German lens specialist Carl Zeiss to create a pair of AR glasses that will be launched later this year. Written on Scoble's official Facebook page, a Zeiss employee confirmed the rumors that Carl Zeiss and Apple are really working on the AR glasses.

The publication further explain that Robert Scoble has been vocal about the Cupertino-based company's plans for AR for years. Scoble also stated at the WebSummit, back in November that Tim Cook and Steve Jobs did talk about future plans on investing on TV and the company might reveal the future of TV in 11 months.

Meanwhile, Slash Gear reports that Tim Cook admitted on an interview at the height of the "Pokemon Go" craze that the Apple CEO is interested in AR technology. Unlike HTC, Google, Facebook/Oculus and Samsung who are leaning companies invested on VR, Apple is leaning towards AR technology that the likes of Microsoft, Meta, and Magic Leap are pushing for.

The publication reports that Scoble's discovery comes when the veteran journalist noticed that a Zeiss booth at the CES event was placed at the augmented reality area. And the strange thing about it is that Zeiss hasn't got a single AR product displayed at their booth.

Then later on, a Zeiss employee later on confirmed that a partnership between Apple and Carl Zeiss has been made on that day. However, Apple fans should take this report with a grain of salt and wait for any official announcement from Apple itself.

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