'Death Stranding' Latest Updates: Hideo Kojima Reveals Using Powerful 360° Photogrammetry Scans For Authenticity

11 January 2017, 9:49 am EST By Nicole T. Mobile & Apps

Hideo Kojima's "Death Stranding" is gaining all the positive buzz and it hasn't even announced when it will be released yet. As of now, it is still in Kojima Productions and being developed with the help of Guerilla Games and their Decima Engine. But that isn't the only innovation fans will see.

The photogrammetry scans are reportedly beyond impressive. According to developer Hideo Kojima himself, they will be using a 360° scan. This is said to help achieve the auntheticity of the actors and their movements.

"'Death Stranding' uses photogrammetry scans made from 360° photographic data and performance capture technology to record actor/actress performances," Kojima said according to We Write Things. "These are then integrated and rebuilt in the game engine." The developer also mentioned that this technology is different from what is used in the movies.

Kojima gave an example of the difference between games and movies. He said that a cup would only be a prop in the movie but, in a game, a player has the choice to pick it up and examine it. They would then, of course, have to rebuild these into the game so players can experience everything around them.

Apparently, the thought of the players living through Norman Reedus' character has sparked interest in "The Walking Dead" actor, as well as "Hannibal" star Mads Mikkelsen, based on the developer's interview with Sugoi Japan. Both star in the game, as shown by two teasers that were released earlier.

Kojima also revealed that in order to get the best people working on "Death Stranding," he took a tour around various studios and met with a lot of people. This was how he was able to get the assistance of Guerilla Games for this much-awaited game.

"Death Stranding" will be PlayStation 4 exclusive. Apart from this and who will star in it, however, nothing concrete is known as of this writing. Even the story is a mystery. Fans can only speculate based on the teasers that were revealed. 

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