Windows 8: Why The Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Is Better Than The Apple iPad

28 August 2012, 10:10 am EDT By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

The Apple iPad may be the king of the tablet market, but that won't last for long when Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows 8 RT comes out later in the year. It's no secret - the iPad is not a device for everyday use. Apple can try to make it seem that way, but in reality, the iPad is for basic computing. The Microsoft Surface RT tablet is not like the Pro version with all the bells and whistles, but it can more than hold its own against what the new iPad has to offer the user.

Here are our reasons why the Microsoft Surface tablet RT will be the tablet to grab this holiday season, and why the new iPad is not.

Hardware Design and Feel

Everyone loves the iPad design; it feels great in hand and very comfortable to hold. However, it is widely believed that Microsoft Surface tablet RT is better in both design and looks. The soft edges around the device along with the built-in kickstand at the back makes for a great tablet design, one that has truly surpassed the iPad.

Metro, or Windows 8 UI

A tablet may look great, but it should look a lot better when it is turned on. The Surface tablet RT runs Microsoft new Windows 8 RT operating system for tablets. When the new UI is on display, this when the tablet truly begins to shine. People have grown tired of the iPad's deck of icons, a UI that has been around since the first iPhone back in 2007.

Office 2013 Pre-installed

This is one of the main reasons the Surface tablet RT outshines the new iPad. Productivity applications like Office 2013 will position the device as something that is not just for play, but also for the business-minded individual. Coupled with the touch cover keyboard, this will make the Surface RT shine over the iPad this holiday season. There are many Office apps for the new iPad. However, none comes close to what Microsoft offers, and if you want the most out of them, users will be forced to purchase a wireless keyboard.

SmartGlass Connectivity

With SmartGlass, users will have the option to connect their Surface tablet RT to a Windows Phone 8 device, or an Xbox 360 console and stream content over the air easily. There is nothing remotely like that available for the iPad, which could potentially be a reason for new tablet owners to jump on the Microsoft train instead of stumbling over to get an iPad.

USB Connectivity

On a hardware point of view, the main gripe many users have with the iPad is the missing USB port. Almost every non-iPad tablet came out with one or multiple USB connections. But these are not running Windows 8, and they are not a Microsoft Surface tablet RT. With a USB connection, users can add extra storage to their tablet, along with other non-OEM accessories.

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