‘The Crown’ Season 2 Update: New Cast To Reveal Kennedy’s Private Life? Will The Series Let Go Of Original Cast?

15 February 2017, 7:40 am EST By Kate Wales Mobile & Apps

"The Crown" Season 2 is returning with new cast to portray as John and Jackie Kennedy who will play an integral part in the series as it takes viewers to the revolutionary era in 1960. However, it seems that some original stars will no longer join the show as the characters should grow old as time moves on.

Michael C. Hall will delight fans as he gives life to the character of John while Jodi Balfour is going to take Jackie's character. America's late President and First Lady will make an appearance following the end of the age of deference on Season 2 of "The Crown."

As the revolutionary era comes, JFK is expected to be featured in several episodes along with his wife. He will be, of course, pictured as a natural and great leader and speaker in the show.

However, a report by Deadline claimed that "The Crown" Season 2 may give fans a peek at the private life of the couple. It is said that behind his appreciation for Jackie's achievements in public is a man who is filled with jealousy in private.

The First Lady, on the other hand, will be presented as the fine woman that she is. But just like her husband, she has a secret she doesn't want people to see too.

Apparently, Jackie is an intelligent and accomplished lady but she doesn't like being public. The glamorous First Lady is said to be a shy woman and viewers will reportedly discover more about it on "The Crown" Season 2.

Meanwhile, the second season of "The Crown" is still under production but according to Mirror, there's a possibility that the current cast of the series will no longer make it to the next episodes in the 1960s. This will include lead stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith who portray the roles of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg, respectively.

"The Crown" Creator Peter Morgan claimed that the team has already reached the farthest they can go to make Foy look older in the series. For this reason, if the show will move on to 1963-64, Morgan thinks that it's better to just recast everybody.

What can you say about Morgan's proposal to recast the original stars of the series if they make it past "The Crown" Season 2? Tell us your thoughts below.

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