The Samsung Galaxy X Series & What's New Technology We Could Expect On It

16 February 2017, 11:53 pm EST By Gloven Ramos Mobile & Apps

In the late 2016, a new futuristic smartphone concept from Samsung was rumored to come in 2017- the Samsung Galaxy X series, a revolutionary design which users can literally bend and fold.

The rumors started when an information was leaked from Chinese website Weibo. The report claimed that "version 6. 12.2, system identification models Samsung-SM-X9000, System 6.0.1, WLAN. I am using the model are: firmness and flexibility Samsung GALAXY 1."

Another post from the same user account also hinted on a "version 6.12.2, system identification models Samsung-SM-X9050, System 7.1.1, WLAN. I am using the model is: Samsung GALAXY X1 +." Since then, different speculations about the phone concept have spread throughout the internet.

The Samsung Galaxy X series is also called "Project Valley." According to different reports and rumors, this foldable phone might be launched by the end of this year at the approximated price of $900. Aside from its futuristic concept, it has been said and expected to come with powerful specs.

As reported by International Business Times, together with Apple's rumored iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy X series will come with a high-end 10nm processor which support better phone performance and long battery life. They also added that these phones, Galaxy X and iPhone X, will ditch the home buttons. In a GSM Arena report, they said that the Samsung Galaxy X series, the Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus, will have a 4K display and utilize various biometric forms including fingers, face and palm.

Despite of these rumors, Samsung continues to keep mum and hasn't released any confirmation about the rumored device. Fans of the South Korean brand will just have to wait for more details in the coming days.

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