iOS 10.3 New Safer & Quicker Changes On CarPlay

16 February 2017, 11:54 pm EST By Gloven Ramos Mobile & Apps

Apple released the third new major update to the iOS 10 operating system, the iOS 10.3. Together with other features, it added a small but useful tweak for drivers to CarPlay. This new change in the car's dashboard system makes safer and quicker for drivers to use the CarPlay system.

Before the iOS 10.3 update, drivers had to tap twice to get to individual apps in the system, one tap to go home and another tap on the designated app. With the iOS update, Apple makes the process simpler. In the left-aligned dock on the CarPlay screen, users will now see three recently used apps, Music, Messages or Map, depending on which apps they frequently use. In just one simple tap, they can now instantly jump onto a different program giving more focus on the road.

The CarPlay is Apple's iOS solution for car drivers who can't use their phones while driving. It is a mobile-like screen system attached to the car dashboard with different apps and program commonly used in cars, such as music apps, messaging apps, and maps. It was first released to market in 2015 and is now widely used throughout the globe.

The Apple iOS 10.3 update was released on Jan 24, 2017, Aside from the few changes in CarPlay, new features are also added on the iPhone and iPad devices. Included in the main new feature are the "Find My AirPods" mode for locating AirPods, new profile option in the Settings app, updated SiriKit with bill paying functionality and changes to the app's launch animation.

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