Microsoft Users Will Be Vulnerable To Attacks As It Delays ‘Patch Tuesday’ For A Whole Month; What Could Be The Reason For Such A Long Delay?

17 February 2017, 5:24 am EST By Cris Xander Juliano Mobile & Apps

It was reported that Microsoft will be delaying its monthly security patch dubbed as "Patch Tuesday" for a whole month that will leave its users vulnerable to security attacks. The company announced it will release the round of security patch on March 14 according to The Verge.

Microsoft did not say any detailed information about the delay, only saying that a "last minute issue" was discovered that could affect some users and it wasn't fixed on time for the planned updates. This is quite unusual for the company to delay individual patches let alone an entire batch.

Microsoft has made it a tradition of sorts to release security patches every second Tuesday of the month since 2003, hence the name "Patch Tuesday."

Tom's Hardware shared that back in 2014; Google gave Microsoft 90 days to repair a Windows vulnerability. The latter, for being dedicated to implement their Patch Tuesday schedule, delayed the fix for two days to make it a part of its upcoming Patch Tuesday even though it gave attackers two days of opportunity to exploit the vulnerability.

The reason for the delay might be the company's "Patch Bundle" policy. Microsoft has been releasing security patches by bundles instead of separately to Windows 10, 7 and 8.1. This means if there is a problem with a single patch; the whole bundle might be delayed.

For example, Microsoft discovered that a certain notebook model is having issues with the bundle, instead of just fixing that particular issue; the company will delay its whole bundle that will compromise other machines and will be vulnerable to security attacks.

Delaying a security patch for a whole month is such a big deal, users would really appreciate it if the company would be more transparent to what really happened to the February security patch.

What do you think of Microsoft delaying its security patch for a whole month? Write and share your thoughts on the comments section down below.

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