‘Civilization 6’ News: New DLC Coming Soon; Firaxis Preparing For New Expansion?

17 February 2017, 12:01 pm EST By Rei Lantion Mobile & Apps

The last DLC "Civilization 6" received was the Winter update back in 2016. It added Poland as a playable Civilization with Jadwiga as its leader. Since then, there's been no word from Firaxis regarding the contents or release date of the next DLC.

However, recently added achievements and updates on the "Civilization 6" Steam database page have caught players' eye. The minor changes suggest Firaxis may be making way for a new "Civilization 6" DLC very soon.

Achievement Placeholders in 'Civilization 6' Steam DB

Reddit user hallobaba notes that "placeholder achievements" have been added to the "Civilization 6" Steam database page. User Grzemek confirms this later on in the thread, naming ten new placeholder achievements in the list. Evidently the current placeholders are marked "NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_NAME_5_X," where X stands for a number between 17 and 26.

Following the discussion, it looks like fans are hoping for an alternative leader, a new scenario, and fixes for some prevalent issues. Some users have mentioned the Warmongering system could use a little reworking, whereas others mention some minor bugs they'd like fixed via a new DLC or even just a patch. Reddit user Kabwerewolf mentions that full mod support would fix the game up as well.

Possible Content Yet to be Hinted At

Despite the changes, Firaxis has yet to tease any possible content for the DLC. Their official Twitter account and Facebook page for "Civilization 6" are free of announcements at the moment. Some fans are hopeful for some new content before the end of the month, but given what little has been revealed, there's no way to tell.

From the ten reported achievement slots, Reddit user AvianBritish posits some well-thought predictions. There's the possibility of splitting the ten slots to five achievements per DLC, which means we could be looking at two new DLCs for "Civilization 6." His other assumption breaks down the ten achievements into the one potential DLC, giving two achievements for the possible new leader, whom fans believe will be Isabella of Portugal, and three or four more for a colonial scenario.


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