Google Gboard Update Brings Real-time Translation, Themes and Emoji Suggestions

10 March 2017, 1:02 pm EST By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

Google has just rolled out a huge update for its Google Gboard keyboard app, which is now available to download for free for iOS and Android users. The new update actually brings the Android version of the keyboard app up to speed with the iOS version as it adds some of the features lacking in the latter. One of the biggest addition is the ability to translate any text or text message in real time.

According to GSM Arena, the real-time translation has been available in the iOS version of the Gboard Keyboard app for quite some time, but now Android users will get to enjoy the feature. The Android version of the Gboard app now translates any typed text into any of the 90 languages available via Google Translate.

 The app also automatically detects the language being typed in by the user and then translates it to the language the user pre-selected in the app's settings. Unfortunately, the real-time translate feature only works when the user is online, even if the languages have been saved for offline use. The app also now supports the right to left languages such as Farsi and Arabic.

 Additionally, the update also includes a feature where the keyboard automatically suggests emojis and GIFs that are appropriate for the conversation. The emojis and GIFs will appear just above the keyboard itself, which means that a single tap on them will automatically insert them into the text. Google has also made sure that the GIFs and emojis will be compatible with other apps, which now includes Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and Allo.

The new update also brings with it a new theme option that will let users overlay some "scenic views" as the Gboard keyboard's background. The theme option can be accessed by pressing on the Google icon and then navigating to keyboard settings and then themes. The Google Gboard keyboard app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for free.

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