Pandora Launches Pandora Premium Paid Service, Takes on Spotify and Apple Music [VIDEO]

14 March 2017, 8:04 am EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

Pandora just recently launched their new on-demand music service, called the Pandora Premium, to take on the big paid premium music services such as Apple Music and Spotify. The brand new service boasts almost all of the features of its competitors but also includes a handful of unique features that should differentiate it from its main rivals.

The majority of the aforementioned features are mainly aimed at the customization of the app and service to fit the needs of individual subscribers. One such example is the new "My Thumbs Up" feature, which gives listeners access to the songs they liked on Pandora's numerous radio station broadcasts. The feature is found in the service's library, which also shows songs, albums, and playlists that have been liked or chosen.

According to Pandora, via Apple Insider, their new system apparently offers a faster playlist creation process through their new "Add Similar Songs" feature. The system basically uses the company's proprietary algorithm to sift through the millions of songs they have available and choose the ones that are similar to the current song being listened to. The service also offers subscribers with recommended songs that relate to their most listened to tracks.

Additionally, the company claims that its search function is more refined compared to other services as it will offer the actual track being searched for, neglecting other karaoke and cover songs. The entire interface of the app, which is available on both Android and iOS, also changes its theme based on the album art of the song being listened to. Pandora also announced that they will be expanded their service to include desktops, laptops, and other operating systems in the near future.

Subscription to Pandora Premium will cost $9.99 per month for each individual. Current subscribers of the company's free ad-based service will be notified of a promo to use Pandora Premium free of charge for two months starting this week. On the other hand, current Pandora Plus subscribers will get six months free.

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