Google Startup Incubator Area 120 Unveils Uptime App, View Videos and Interact With Friends and Colleagues in Real-time

14 March 2017, 8:46 am EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

Google previously launched a startup incubator company called Area 120, which basically helps out in developing start-up companies by providing them with resources and services. The business support group has now finally emerged with the fruits of their labor via a new start-up that is providing a new app that changes the way viewers watch YouTube videos.

The first project to come out of Google's startup incubator is a new invite-only app called Uptime, which is currently only available for iOS devices. The app in principle allows viewers who are currently watching the same video to interact with each other via different emojis, stickers, and text comments.

Facebook Live actually offers the same feature through Periscope, but it is only limited to live streaming videos. The Uptime app expands that functionality into pre-recorded videos that have already been uploaded on YouTube. The app itself is reportedly tailor made to encourage interactions between viewers, much like they would if they were viewing the video inside the same room.

According to the Mac World, the app offers a platform for friends and work colleagues to watch the same video together, while being miles apart. Aside from real-time commenting, the app also offers a social function where users will be able to find and follow their friends. Users can also share different videos as well as view their YouTube viewing history right within the app itself.

Area 120 is currently sending out invites on their social media accounts for users to try out the Uptime app, as seen above. The company has yet to announce the official release of the app and whether or not it would be coming to the Android operating system. The app has a lot of potentials as it could become integrated into YouTube itself in the coming future. This would allow people viewing the same videos to interact in real-time, resulting in more engagement and interactions.

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