Latest Google Chrome Version Doesn't Suck as Much Battery and CPU Anymore [VIDEO]

16 March 2017, 8:24 am EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps
The latest version of the Google Chrome browser now has a feature that limits the CPU usage of background tabs.   ( YouTube/JasonEaston )

The team behind the Google Chrome browser has now finally found a way to significantly decrease their app's CPU and power usage. The world's most popular browser previously was a pain to use for people who constantly open more than a couple of tabs at a time. However, the latest version of Google Chrome now doesn't have that problem and should be a blessing for most who want to prevent background tabs from sucking all their device's power and CPU performance.

Despite being widely used around the world, the Google Chrome browser app is well known to be a RAM and CPU hungry app that even completely renders less powerful devices unusable if too many tabs are open at one time. This is mainly because websites nowadays do contain much more information and data, with some even having their own applets and software running within the web page.

Late last year, the team behind Google Chrome announced that they will be rolling out an update that would solve and CPU and RAM problem. According to Gizmodo, the team may just have achieved that goal with the latest version of Google Chrome, Chrome version 57, which has a new feature that limits the CPU and RAM usage for tabs running in the background.

The latest version of Google Chrome now comes with a new "throttling policy" feature, which essentially limits and controls background tabs and their usage of the device's CPU. The system filters out different functions and applets, blocking some while also allowing more critical ones to have free range of the CPU's power.

As an example, background tabs that are streaming music are not blocked. This also includes tabs that are running WebSockets or WebRTC, which is used by most chat and messaging websites such as Slack. Other opened tabs, however, are given a time limit for running processes and then given just one percent of the CPU power to run in the background. The update is currently available now and users just need to navigate to their settings and then check for the latest update available to download it.

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