McDonald’s Testing Out New ‘Location-Aware’ Ordering App, To Launch Worldwide This Year [VIDEO]

16 March 2017, 9:20 am EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

The largest fast food retail chain in the world, McDonald's, is now finally getting with the times as the company is now in the process of testing out its brand new ordering app. McDonald's previously revealed a few week back that it was in fact in the process of developing a brand new app that would streamline the entire ordering process, thereby making ordering food from their stores a bit more convenient.

According to a report from Reuters, McDonald's move to establish its own modern ordering app may be a response to its other competitors who have already established their presence on mobile phones and handheld devices. Starbucks already has its own ordering app, and McDonald's wants to benefit from the technology as well.

In an interview with the same publication, McDonald's executive vice president, Jim Sappington, explained that they are integrated some interesting technology within their new app, which is aimed at ensuring the quality and freshness of their food for each and every customer.

The app will reportedly be location-aware, which basically means that it will be able to track the customer's location at any given time and then order his or her from the kitchen at the appropriate time to ensure that the product is served fresh. As an example, the app will detect when a customer is near the pick-up location and then send out the order to the kitchen at the appropriate time to ensure that the order is ready and waiting for the customer when he arrives.

Additionally, the app also gives customers several options of where they would want to pick up their order, namely either on the drive-through lane, the curbside, or at the counter. McDonald's claims that the app will allow them to serve an additional 20 cars per hour in every branch when it is fully implemented.

As of the moment, McDonald's is currently testing the app within 29 restaurants around California. The company has plans to expand to 51 other restaurants in Spokane, Washington by next week. The app is expected to be launched worldwide before the year ends.

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