Andromeda OS Is The Mysterious Android Fuscia: Latest Google's Android OS Set To Eliminate All Prevaling OS Today

17 March 2017, 6:48 am EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

For years, Google has developed two operating systems known as the Android for mobile devices and Chrome OS for laptops and desktops. Right now, it looks like Google now has a third operating system project under way known as Fuchsia.

Android Fuchsia OS

On August 2016, speculations are rife that Google starting to work on a new operating system dubbed as Fuchsia. Only a week after this news came out, rumors also began appearing online about another Google OS project. According to blogger Daniel Matte reported that Chrome OS is being merged into Android. He further suggested that Android and Chrome OS are both being merged into Fuchsia. In addition, he stated that Fuchsia could run on devices as small as smartphones and as large as big screen PCs.

Will Fuchsia Replace Android Immediately?

It is speculated that Fuchsia OS is more alike to Chrome OS when it comes to laptops and PC. However, it will have a backward compatibility with Android applications. Moreover, the new OS is expected to answer the recurring and nagging issue of the carrier/OEM on Android's fragmentation problem.

While the Fuchsia OS is reportedly under development, the Android OS version is unlikely wiped off from the picture. As per BGR, the highly anticipated Andromeda OS will be based allegedly on Android platforms; thus, the new OS aims to develop more of the popular mobile operating system's reach.

According to Android Police report, there is no information yet that confirms Google intends to replace Android, Chrome OS, or even for Fuchsia to have anything to do with those platforms. Others believe that Google is definitely searching for a solution to the fragmentation problem of Android. There are also others that suggest that Android and Chrome OS will be fine working separately. Analysts are anticipating that the Fuchsia OS will be the next big thing coming from Google.

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