Microsoft Surface Phone Release Delayed; Windows Foldable Phone To Get An Earlier Release In 2017

18 March 2017, 1:30 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Microsoft Surface Phone's release will be delayed this year. Reportedly, the company is focusing on a new foldable Windows phone to launch in 2017.

It was a general assumption previously that Microsoft Surface Phone will be released anytime in 2017. However, a claim from one Redditor changed this. Claiming to be a former employee of a Microsoft contractor, zombieacc revealed that the Surface Phone is still being worked on but it will not be released in 2017.

Another story prevalent recently is about the foldable phone that the company will be releasing in 2017. According to MS Power User, a patent was filed in January 2017 describing a device that appears to be a foldable tablet. The patent was supported by images depicting a tablet with a hinge that enables it to fold in half. In addition, the device folds in a way that allows users to use it as a smartphone when folded.

Furthermore, this alleged 2-in-1 device is massive for it to have the release of the Surface Phone moved to a later date, which is believed now to release in 2019. This claim on the release of a new foldable device will buy Microsoft more time to develop its flagship device while maintaining its presence in the market with a major presence.

There are also several indicators that a release of a Windows foldable phone is probably happening soon. This is backed by the planned launch of a similar technology by the South Korean tech giants, LG and Samsung. Speculations have it that both companies are gearing for a possible launch of foldable devices in 2017.

Another potential angle being considered is that this foldable technology is for the Surface Phone. It can be recalled that Microsoft has different ways of introducing its Surface devices. At present, the company has not released any information about the upcoming Surface Phone. We will keep you posted as soon as information is already available.

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