Microsoft Surface Book 2 in Mass Production, Company to Unveil New Traditional Laptop-Designed Device Very Soon

20 March 2017, 6:47 am EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

Microsoft is expected to launch several new products this year and one of the most anticipated devices that fans are looking forward to would have to be the highly awaited follow-up to the Microsoft Surface Book 2-in-1 laptop. The new laptop, tentatively being referred to as the Microsoft Surface Book 2, is reportedly already undergoing mass production and Microsoft may be unveiling it as early as next week

According to a report from DigiTimes, the brand new Microsoft Surface Book 2 laptop is apparently already being mass produced. The report cites several sources that are connected to the upstream supply chain, which has confirmed that the Surface Book 2 is already on its way. Additionally, the report claims that Microsoft may be on the brink of announcing the new notebook, with the unveiling likely taking place by the end of the month or early April.

As for the device itself, a report from Express UK reveals that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Book 2 may be featuring an entirely different design that will be very different from its predecessor. The report reveals that the Microsoft Surface Book 2 may be coming in the form of a more traditional clamshell laptop design.

Microsoft has reportedly dropped the detachable display form factor in favor of a clamshell design to save on cost and make the device a more focused product. The cost savings for opting for a traditional laptop design will reportedly result in the Surface Book 2 being priced at around $1,000, which is less than the $1,499 starting price of the original Surface Book laptop. Opting to have the Microsoft Surface Book 2 become a traditional notebook product also separates it from the company's Surface Pro line of hybrid laptops.

Aside from the deletion of the 2-in-1 feature, the upcoming Microsoft Surface Book 2 is still expected to feature a 13.5-inch display and an all magnesium-aluminium alloy chassis. Sources have claimed that Microsoft may be targeting 1.2 million units to be shipped within the year.

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