Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Latest News: Upcoming Device To Possibly Run On Android

14 April 2017, 4:13 pm EDT By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps
The highly anticipated Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 according to several speculations might be released with an Android operating system.  ( Andrew Burton/Getty Images )

Behind the blast brought by the soon to be released Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 and the anticipation of its state-of-the-art design and powerful specs, critics have seen one imperfection. According to some leaks, its operating system might be a disadvantage.

As this upcoming device is under the Microsoft's hood, it is automatically be using the Windows as its OS. It is a fact that this operating system has never been superior to Android and iOS or even come to the same level with them. At the present, it can be said that the Windows phone are getting better, however, it is still not enough to compete with the OS of Samsung and iPhone.

It was previously reported, early this year that Windows is performing inferiorly compared to its competitors. Against Android and iOS that had a 99.6 percent of all sold smartphones in the last quarter of 2016, Windows only got 0.3 percent. This is not likely to change in the coming years.

After Nokia has been sold off by Microsoft, no other popular phone model has been released carrying Window as OS. There may be a few who prefers and enjoy the Windows but it is a reality that most of the remarkable smartphones in the market today is run by Android.

According to the Tech Republic, after Samsung officially released its latest device, Microsoft also announced its own Galaxy S8 edition. It will still be run by Android but it will have Windows' version of Microsoft applications, including the Cortana, OneDrive and Office 365. Only Microsoft stores will sell this variant of Galaxy S8, says Business Insider.

Microsoft's greatest product is the Windows but considering the status of this OS against Android and iOS, the tech giant will have to do a big risk to eliminate the competition or promote the Windows 10 to garner more users. Perhaps they just need a game changer smartphone that will be as competent as the phones run by Android and iOS.



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