Microsoft Goes After Google By Suing Motorola On Mapping Data

14 October 2012, 10:09 am EDT By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Microsoft and Motorola are at it again and this time, Google is directly involved in the battle. Microsoft chose to sue Motorola once again, in Germany, a suit that is more directed towards Google than Motorola.

According to the details, Microsoft is suing Motorola because its devices violate a key Microsoft patent that takes map data information from one set and overlay with another. Motorola devices use Google Maps. This means the main culprit behind this alleged patent infringement is Google. Seeing Microsoft finally going directly after Google is a huge surprise, since of late the company seem to rather fight a proxy war instead of taking things to the next level.

Overlays on Maps is something almost every mapping technology has. It is quite surprising that Microsoft chose to go after Google while every other mapping company gets to walk away without a scar. For those in the dark, Microsoft has been in the mapping arena a few years before Google got into the business with Google Maps. So yes, Microsoft does have a few key patents under is belt relating to maps.

If Microsoft should get its way in court, the verdict could potentially affect Google Maps. However, this suit is probably just a ploy from Microsoft to get Motorola to fall in line like everyone else and acquire a license to use Android on its devices. How awkward would it be for the Google-owned Motorola to be paying to use Android? Very. Therefore, we won't be surprised if Motorola decides to fight to the very end.

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