Windows 8 Survey Shows U.S. Consumers' Lack Of Interest

16 November 2012, 12:51 pm EST By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Microsoft has a huge problem on its hands. It seems U.S consumers are not interested in Windows 8, which could turn out to be a disaster for a company trying desperately to keep up with Android and iOS.

Windows 8 is do-or-die for Microsoft in so many ways; however, its failure alone wouldn't bring the software giant to its knees, but would definitely be a huge setback that could well trigger the company's downfall.

According to a recent survey by PC security firm, Avast, PC users in the U.S. are not interested in Windows 8. The company surveyed 350,000 of its PC antivirus users, which is part of a huge investigation to see what U.S consumers think about Windows 8. Around 135,329 of the respondents were based in the U.S and were Widows users, 65 percent of that number used Windows 7, 22 percent Windows XP, and 8 percent were on Vista.

Avast made it known that 60 percent of the respondents knew of Windows 8 before it was released. However, despite that high percentage, only 9 percent confirmed that they were interested in upgrading to Windows 8, whereas 70 percent planned to stick with the operating system they already have up and running.

Obviously, this is not good news for Microsoft if only 9 percent of 60 percent respondents are interested in giving Windows 8 OS a shot. The Windows 8 OS' user interface design is the main culprit here, many users do not like it and would prefer if Microsoft went back to the normal start screen interface.

Users are afraid of change, especially when the change is a huge departure from what they are used to. What Microsoft needs to do now, is try to convince those on the fence that Windows 8 is a worthy upgrade, failure to do that could have major ramifications for the company, and that is not something Microsoft would wish to deal with during this time.

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