iPad Mini With 4G LTE Now Available On Sprint, AT&T And Verizon

17 November 2012, 1:10 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Verizon, AT&T and Sprint are proudly advertising the new iPad Mini with LTE for sale starting Friday, Nov. 16, but availability seems to be limited.

While some are selling the 4G LTE iPad Mini online only and others in stores only, it seems the quantities they have available may be limited for now.

Sprint's Web site lists the iPad Mini as available only in stores, but not online. Meanwhile, Verizon and AT&T are selling both the iPad and the iPad Mini on their Web sites, but as of Friday morning AT&T lists them as out of stock at their retail stores. Verizon seems to be selling them online only.

Sprint previously offered the Wi-Fi-only version of Apple's full-size iPad, but now that its 4G LTE network coverage has improved, the carrier jumped on the opportunity to expand its compatible range of tablets. The LTE version of the iPad Mini will likely be Sprint's biggest asset. Apple did not say when the 4G LTE-enabled iPad Mini will see a wide release, so the "limited quantities" available through select Sprint stores will probably run out of stock soon.

Sprint is selling the new tablets at contract-free regular pricing, meaning $460 for the 16GB version, $560 for the 32GB model, and $660 for the top-range 64GB LTE iPad Mini. The carrier will also offer a variety of data plans starting at $15 per month for 300MB of data and moving up to $80 for 12GB.

AT&T, meanwhile, comes with more exciting news. The $100 "instant savings" the carrier is offering applies to the iPad Mini as well, which means AT&T customers can get the tablet for $360 rather than $460. This price, however, comes with a two-year commitment. Otherwise, customers can buy the iPad Mini for the regular price and pay as they go. The same applies to the new full-size iPad - customers can get it for $530 if they enter into the two-year agreement.
When it comes to delivery date, AT&T promised to ship the iPad Mini in seven to 14 business days, while a fourth-generation iPad would ship in five to seven days. The carrier also sells the new iPads in some of its stores, but they are in short supply.

Meanwhile, Verizon is also offering the iPad models only at full price, without a contract. The carrier is, however, promising to ship them slightly sooner, at least for now. Customers who order the iPad Mini now will get their device by Nov. 19, and those who order the fourth-generation iPad will apparently get it right away, with no delay. Verizon does not seem to stock the 4G LTE-enabled iPad Mini in stores at this point.

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