Windows Phone 7.8: What You Should Expect From The New Update

27 November 2012, 12:59 pm EST By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Windows Phone 7.8 is coming. It's no Windows Phone 8 by any means; however, it should be enough for those who are unable to purchase a new Windows Phone 8 device at this time.

Those who are looking to get a ton of cool features, disappointment is about to sink in. There is nothing splendid about Windows Phone 7.8, though it does bring to the table the new Start Screen, but without many of the neat features.

Below is what one should expect from Windows Phone 7.8, expecting anything more will likely break your spirit.

New Start Screen

Future users of Windows Phone 7.8 will not get all the goodies found in Windows Phone 8, but at least that the new Start Screen is making an appearance. The new Start Screen is not dramatically different when compared to previous versions, the biggest change here is the new customizable options. Users can now make Tiles small, medium, or large; previously only large to medium Tile options were available. Smaller Tiles allow more apps to be placed on the Start Screen, and less scrolling to access your favorite apps.

Accent Colors

Changing the Accent Color in Windows Phone was always something that could be done, but it wasn't much fun since colors were limited and there is no way to download new accents from the Windows Phone Store or anywhere else for that matter. This has changed somewhat in Windows Phone 7.8, users will have a lot more color options to choose from; however, downloading new ones is still just a dream because not even Windows Phone 8 is able to do that.

Lock Screen with Bing Wallpapers

Bing changes its wallpapers on a daily basis. Many times these wallpapers are so beautiful they deserve to be set as a background image. Microsoft realized this first with Windows 8 as users can download Bing wallpapers and set them as background images on their computer, or use the Bing app to set an image as background for the lock screen. The same can now be done for Window Phone 7.8, daily Bing wallpapers can now automatically load up as your lock screen background.

Other Features

Users have more things to play around with in the Internet settings area, the ability to enable call waiting and call forwarding have been added, and the coding can for messages, which should enable longer text messages to be sent.

Quite a few additions there, Windows Phone 7 users should be satisfied with what they are getting because it may have been worse with no updates at all! 

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