Microsoft Windows Blue: What You Need To Know

3 December 2012, 8:47 am EST By Sumit Passary Mobile & Apps

It has just been over a month since Microsoft released its latest Windows 8 operating system, and rumors have already started to surface that the company is preparing to launch the next operating system (OS), codenamed Blue in 2013.

The updated version of Windows is expected to make its appearance in mid-2013 and will include UI changes and alterations to the entire platform and also the pricing. Microsoft will price its next Windows OS at a low cost to attract more customers and to ensure users upgrade.

It is rumored that once Windows Blue OS is released, the Windows SDK will be updated to support the new release and the company will stop accepting apps that are built specifically for Windows 8, which will push developers to create apps for Blue only. However, Windows 8 apps will continue to run on Blue despite the planned SDK changes.

"The Verge has learned from several sources familiar with Microsoft's plans that the company is planning to standardize on an approach, codenamed Blue, across Windows and Windows Phone in an effort to provide more regular updates to consumers," reported The Verge.

Interestingly, Microsoft plans to update the OS every 12 months. Microsoft has released a new Windows OS every few years with stability and security-oriented service packs released in between. Now it is expected that Microsoft will add new and exciting features on an annual basis.

Microsoft's approach to bring an update on a yearly basis will enable the company to compete with rivals Apple and Google. With the release of an update annually, the company will be able to keep pace with the current market requirements rather than constantly playing catch-up from the last OS update.

Previous rumors indicate that Microsoft is also working on Windows 9. We will have to wait and see if Microsoft releases the Blue simply as a service pack, which is a rollup of fixes and updates, or maybe, Blue is an entire new operating system from Microsoft.

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