iPad mini Review: First Impressions Are Out

6 December 2012, 1:51 pm EST By Sumit Passary Mobile & Apps

The iPad mini, launched in October, has started to make its way to users and it seems that a smaller version of the tablet is receiving similar praise as its bigger iterations. Many users who have used the tablet have posted their opinion and reviews of the iPad mini and unsurprisingly, most of the reviews are positive.

"I'm very pleased with my purchase of the iPad mini,it's a great little device that's easier to carry around with you vs. the bigger version. I'm a tech guy and I still don't understand why some give this device bad reviews? I travel a lot and it works fine for my purposes,I'm actually doing this review from the mini.I agree it should have cost a little bit less than the current retail price 250-279 would have been a more acceptable price," said a user on Best Buy.

"I purchased my new iPad Mini a week ago and I'm glad I did. I can feel the difference. No comparison in build quality. It did cost more but you get what you pay for," said another user on Best Buy.

Apple has not compromised on either the internal hardware or the external appearance of the iPad mini which has an A5 processor, aluminum body, long-battery life etc.

"The build of the iPad mini screams "quality", even more so than the iPad (3) which we also have. It's very easy to hold and the design is immaculate with the screen filling more of the tablet (almost) edge to edge," said a user on Amazon.

The list of plaudits is increasing as more tablets are reaching users. However, some users are also not very happy with certain aspects of the iPad mini.

"This [iPad mini] is suppose to be an awesome device then Apple killed it with a low resolution screen. Check out the screens of Kindle Fire Hd and Nook. Their screens blow the Mini out of the water," said a user on Best Buy.

"I purchased my ipad mini with excitement. The small size is a perfect lightweight tablet with the outstanding apple ecosystem. Unfortunately, the screen is horrible. the screen would have been acceptable if priced at $199," said another user on Best Buy.

All tablets have their own strengths and weaknesses. Based on customer experience some key strengths and weaknesses of the iPad mini are also identified.

The 7.9-inch iPad mini has most of the features which the regular size third-generation iPad has, apart from the Retina display. Nook HD and Kindle Fire HD have better display resolution than the iPad mini.

The comfort factor comes from the light weight of the tablet as well as the small size of the iPad mini. The price of the iPad mini is on the higher end when compared to other 7-inch tablet available in the market, but lower than the regular sized iPads. The aluminum body of the iPad gives a robust look to the iPad mini but is scratched easily.

Do you own an iPad mini? What strengths and weaknesses do you think the iPad mini has?

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