Acer Outs New Chromebook C710-2605: What To Expect

13 December 2012, 12:52 pm EST By Cory Orlando Mobile & Apps

Acer's C7 Chromebook is getting an upgrade to a newer model. The new Acer C710-2605 Chromebook features a larger hard drive and more storage on Google Drive.

The C7 models comes factory-installed with Chrome OS, making storage easy when using multiple devices on the cloud. Pricing for this new Chromebook is $299, which is $100 more than the earlier C7 model.

With the new C710-2605 users will now get 100GB of storage on Google Drive for two years. Increasing the hard drive to 500GB is going to increase the price of the C7710-2605 to $299. For an additional $100, users will receive 180GB more than what they would of the original C7 model.

Not only is the hard drive and storage improved, so is the battery life. Acer claims that the original C7 model had a battery runtime of three and half hours from the 2,500 mAh li-ion pack. Whereas now the estimated six-hour runtime for the C710-2605 model showcases the 5,000 mAh pack. If battery life is a priority, then the Chromebook Samsung Series 3 is still a better option.

The display remains the same from the C7 model with a 11.6-inch HD CineCrystal LED-backlight display. The Chromebook will be available in only one color - iron-gray.

Better battery life and an increased hard drive make this Chromebook update a bargain. The Acer C7 model is still great to run application and store information. Users looking for more room and a bit more time away from the AC power adapter will enjoy this new model.

Interested consumers can pick up the new C710-2650 from Acer's Web site. Consumers could potentially start to see more of a market for Chromebooks given the popularity growing around the Chrome OS and Google Drive integration. The new C7 model is sure to get the attention of business needs and web-friendly users looking for a second computer or even a simpler computer in general.

Regardless of your reason to buy a Chromebook, the new Acer C710-2605 comes with more internal upgrades. If customers can splurge the extra $100 for the newer model, it will be worth the extra money.

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