Lumia 920 Update Arriving This Month: Nokia

17 December 2012, 3:29 pm EST By Prarthito Maity Mobile & Apps

The Windows Phone 8-based Lumia 920 just arrived in a market which is so closely contested by the likes of Android and iOS, and while it still has a pretty long way to go before it can take the competition to both ecosystems, many will agree that the Lumia 920 running the Windows Phone 8 has had a good, if not a great start.

Now, Nokia has confirmed via Twitter that it will be pushing out an update out to Lumia 920 devices this month, although the company stopped short of letting out any real details about the update and what features it may bring.

This news, however, is a huge relief for the users after it was reported that the HTC-made Windows Phone 8X had already received an official over-the-air update which not only addressed the random restart problem, but also brought a handful of new features. This left the Lumia 920 users wondering as to when they would get the same update.

“Microsoft will be releasing a SW update this month. We'll announce from here when available,” the latest Tweet from Nokia stated.

As of now, the timeframe of the update is still unknown but provided that December has already started, users may expect the refresh sooner rather than later. It is expected that the new package will include all the Portico features that the HTC 8X currently boasts.

It was not long ago when the HTC 8X got the highly anticipated first ever Windows Phone 8 OTA (over-the-air) update, dubbed Portico. Microsoft released the update to the HTC 8X smartphone over the air.

At the time, it was stated that new update had the build number from 9905 to 10211 and it mainly fixed bugs related to the rebooting issue as well as the "keep WiFi alive" feature. Now, the new update also stops the phone from switching from a Wi-Fi connection to cellular when its screen times out.

This was a major fix after Windows Phone users faced problems with it since Microsoft released Windows Phone 7 over two years ago.

Also, at the time, there was no word on which devices would be barred from the update, but it was assumed that all Windows Phone 8 devices, including the Lumia 920, would be getting the update.

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