Apple Prepares For Second-Generation iPad mini Production

20 December 2012, 11:20 am EST By Sumit Passary Mobile & Apps

iPad mini launched in October this year has been one of the hottest selling 7-inch tablets this season. Now rumors suggest that Apple is already making preparations for the production of the second-generation iPad mini.

Apple launched the iPad 4 within eight months from the release of its predecessor iPad 3. So it may not come as a surprise if the second-generation iPad mini makes its appearance towards the end of second quarter next year.

"iPad Mini Gen-2: Apple's gen-2 iPad mini is getting pulled-in, and is likely to have several new suppliers, with TXN gaining content," said Doug Freedman, an analyst with RBC Capital Markets.

"Pulled in" seems to indicate that Apple will introduce the next-generation iPad mini.

"It appears that Texas Instruments, referred to as "TXN" in Freedman's note, will build on its already important presence as a component supplier for future iDevice products. It remains unclear what 'new suppliers' will be added to the roster, though Apple has reportedly been working for ways to diversify the supply of crucial internal components away from rival Samsung," reported CNET.

The demand for iPad mini is still quite high and Apple is struggling to keep up with the growing demand of the iPad mini. Moreover, Apple is yet to rollout the iPad mini in many parts of the world.

Even though the iPad mini has gained popularity very quickly since its launch, the tablet has faced criticism over its screen resolution. Unlike the full-sized fourth-generation iPad 4, the iPad mini does not sport a Retina display and pales in comparison when it comes to pixel density to other 7-inch tablets. The key change which Apple may bring to the Apple mini is the introduction of a better display.

Even though the 9.7-inch iPad has been in the tablet arena for a while now, the 7.9-inch iPad mini has been one of the most wanted iPads since its launch and users will be eager to lay hands on the second-generation of iPad mini, which may bring improvements to the device.

The year 2012 has seen introduction of high-end gadgets from various OEM's. It will be interesting to see what 2013 brings in to the tech industry.

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