Windows 8 Store Has Over 35000 Apps, 415 Apps Added Daily

30 December 2012, 12:08 pm EST By Johnny Wills email: Mobile & Apps

Adding apps at the rate of 415 apps per day, Microsoft's Windows 8 Store now has over 35,000 apps available for its users.

Launched in October, the Windows 8 Store just had 10,000 apps to offer to its users. However, as it heads into the New Year, the number of apps in the Microsoft-controlled store have increased by more than 250 percent in less than two months.

According to the tracking Web site MetroStore Scanner, the Windows marketplace boasts exactly 35,167 apps, as on Dec. 27. More than 22,000 apps of them are available for the U.S. users.

The Windows 8 Store is currently growing at the pace of 415 new apps each day, which is an even higher rate than the 362 apps being added daily in November. The official tally on Oct. 30, when the app store opened, was 10,000 and reached 16,000 by Nov. 14, according to The Next Web. It hit the 20,000 milestone on Nov. 22.

If Windows 8 Store continues to grow at the same rate, it will surpass 50,000 apps on Feb. 1. However, despite the increasing number of apps on the store, the revenue is not growing with the same speed as most of the apps on the store are free.

Growth of Windows 8 Store is showing a positive trajectory. Microsoft recently said that it sold more than 40 million Windows licenses. However, not everyone is interested in the new touch-centric OS. In the recent past, Google clearly indicated that it will not develop any app for the Windows 8 ecosystem, though the official Google Search app is available in the store.

Windows 8 is the first Microsoft operating system to offer an app store to its users, and it makes sense that software developers will try to get the most out of the new OS. The 415 new Windows 8 apps that are being added everydayshow the level of interest app developers have in the new platform.

Microsoft already has the largest user base in PC market and users will eventually have to make the switch one day to Windows 8 or its successor, dubbed Windows 9 or Windows Blue, which Microsoft is rumored to be working on. So, we're not surprised to see developers get a heastart.

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