Fujitsu Puts Blame On Windows 8 For Low PC Sales

31 December 2012, 8:38 pm EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

Per reports, Fujitsu is not doing too well as far as Windows 8 is concerned and, therefore, Masami Yamamoto, the company president, has begun the blame game and claims that Windows 8 is hurting the company's PC sales.

During an interview with reporters in Japan on Thursday, Yamamoto said demand for Windows 8-based PCs had been weak since the new operating system went on sale in Oct. 2012. Such a low demand for Windows 8-based computers can be attributed to the new user interface, and it may take time as consumers need to become accustomed to change.

Fujitsu is expected to fall short of its estimated 7 million Windows 8 PCs shipped when the sales figure is tallied at the end of the fiscal year in March.

At the moment, Windows 8 is experiencing major problems from multiple sections of the market. In one corner, Android- and iOS-based tablets are slowly eating into Microsoft's market share, whereas on another end, Windows 8-based tablets are not at the right price point to entice consumers, which would in turn give the operating system a chance despite the radical changes it brings.

On a side note, Windows RT has the potential to do great things as a tablet operating system; however, Microsoft needs to get rid of the desktop environment. The desktop simply does not work on a tablet device that was designed for touch devices. There is a reason why the iPad and the plethora of Android tablets lack a desktop environment, Microsoft needs to adopt this model if its Windows RT is to ever succeed.

As it stands, Windows RT is Microsoft's only option right now to compete in the tablet market. It may not be the full version of Windows 8, but it is more than good enough for a tablet environment and even better if Microsoft gets rid of the desktop feel.

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