Windows 8 Gained 1.77% Market Share, Windows Overall Rose To 91.74% Share

2 January 2013, 12:42 pm EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

Windows 8 might be off to a slow start; however, the operating system is still managing to make inroads despite some negative chatter about the new user interface.

The latest Net Application market share data shows that December 2012 was fairly good for Window 8, as the Microsoft operating system managed to gain 0.66 percent to an overall 1.77 percent share. Windows 7 on the other hand, continues to climb despite having competition from the newer Windows 8. Windows 7 managed to gain 0.40 percent to top out at 45.11 percent for the end of 2012.

The ever problematic Windows Vista fell 0.05 percent to end the year on 5.67 percent, while the old dog Windows XP saw a sharp decline of 0.74 percent to end at 39.08 percent. The overall death of Windows XP will not come easily, as many users still prefer the operating system compared to Microsoft newest offerings.

Overall, Windows managed to gain 0.29 percent to end the year on 91.74 percent. This is the first time Windows has gained market share in months despite increase in competition from Android and Apple tablets. The PC market share has been slowly eroding at a time when Microsoft didn't have an answer for the plethora of tablets that were drawing consumer interest. Now that Windows 8 is out, Microsoft, for the first time, is able to stay with the times and compete more effectively.

With the number of Windows 8 based devices being announced, and with CES 2013 coming up in next week, Windows 8 and Windows market share overall should increase substantially throughout 2013. Furthermore, Acer has promised to launch cheap Windows 8-based tablets in 2013. Such a move would definitely garner consumer interest in the new platform.

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