iOS 7 Could Arrive In June 2013: What To Expect

3 January 2013, 7:36 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

The Apple rumor mill is back with more information at the start of the New Year, and this time, it seems like all the dedicated tech sites and blogs are looking more and more into Apple's next mobile-based operating system - iOS 7.

The iOS 7 rumors started along with the new leaked details and rumors about a brand new iPhone 6 that would arrive with enhanced features and higher specs, as compared to the device's previous iteration, the iPhone 5.

According to a recent TNW report, developers have already started working on a whole new iOS 7 operating system. The release date for the new Apple refresh could be speculated to be in June this year, taking a hint from the fact that iOS 6 was also announced last June but was only made available later in the fall. Now the iOS 7 release date is expected to be in June as well, at Apple's renowned WWDC conference.

"One developer showed us that Apple has been testing hardware relating to a new 'iPhone6,1′ identifier, powered by a device running iOS 7, which is expected to be released by Apple in the middle part of this year," the TNW wrote. "Apple's current flagship, the iPhone 5, bears the identifiers 'iPhone5,1′ and 'iPhone 5,2′ depending on the LTE model of the handset and the 4G bands on which it operates."

Although nothing much is known about the new Apple refresh, a lot of features are already expected to arrive with the new OS. One of the highly wanted and anticipated features, needless to say, is an alternate default map app, which will remove the horrors and criticisms of the current Map feature that came with iOS 6. Although, it would be best for Apple to hang on to the Google substitute until it solves its own problems.

"Now even more interesting is the fact that iPhone 6.1 was running iOS 7 according to analytics. iOS 6 didn't reach these same analytics until just a month or two before its official announcement. The name change and the speed at which Apple wants to put iOS 6 in the past means a lot," a Pocketnow report states.

Another feature that could arrive with the iOS 7 is a set of more options in the refresh's multitasking tray. Apple's multitasking tray, which can be attained by double-tapping the home button, is one of the slickest and most useful features in iOS. However, everyone feels that the tray can do so much more and the jailbreaking app that Auxo revealed earlier is a burning proof.

The Auxo app shows how icons can be replaced by living previews in the dock. Alongside, users can add eight settings from their System Preferences for easy access, and this includes screen brightness, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth, Mute, Airplane Mode, Personal Hotspot, and more.

More information for iOS 7 is expected to follow shortly.

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