CES 2013: The Death Of 3D

9 January 2013, 8:49 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: p.maity@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

While the International CES 2013 has been a major event with new technology and devices, a few have been left untouched without any real mention from any of the companies. One such technology that didn't see much action this year is 3D.

Among others, The Verge was the first to notice this unusual lack of existence of 3D at the event and stated that 3D is officially making an exit from all our lives in the near future, may be for good. Vlad Savov of The Verge wrote: "There's something about 2013's Consumer Electronics Show that's different from every other iteration this decade. You might not realize it immediately, for it's marked by the absence rather than the arrival of a new technology, but it's there and we're all sensing it on a deep, subconscious level. And it feels good."

This is an interesting development to the life of 3D-based televisions and devices after the technology made such a big impact on everybody's life since its inception back in the day. Least to say, the 3D technology also made a certain world record after the 2011 UEFA Champions League Final match between Manchester United and Barcelona was broadcast live in 3D format on a Ukrainian-produced EKTA screen in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The screen made it to The Guinness Book of World Records as the world's biggest screen, with the live 3D broadcast being provided by the company Viasat.

"You no longer need to pick up a pair of polarizing glasses on your way into a big company's press conference. There are no more 60-foot posters with people exploding out of flat screen televisions. The super glitzy marketing videos now relate to the far more tangible benefits of higher resolutions, curved displays, and the beauty of OLED," the report adds.

"The show floor space dedicated to three-dimensional imagery has been decimated, relegating a dubious technology to its proper position as a sideshow rather than a leading cause to upgrade your TV."

However, the decision to remove 3D from our lives may ultimately prove to be for the greater good. There have been instances in the past where some viewers have complained of headaches and eyestrain after watching 3D films, with warnings being issued for the elderly. Anyway, it is a known fact that several health issues such as motion sickness are easily induced by 3D presentations.

"It's a weird and ironic dichotomy. On the one hand, 3D has become ubiquitous enough in televisions that people are unwittingly buying it when opting for a high-end new HDTV to fill their living room void - yet on the other, every big TV maker at CES has waved a clear white flag on trying to sell 3D TV as an important feature," Savov wrote.

The 3D technology started off, like any other such technology, with a huge promise. However, with time moving on, it certainly seems as if the age of 3D is about to be put to rest, especially when the OLED technology is doing rounds in the market.

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