Google+ Adds Fullscreen To Hangouts On Air

14 January 2013, 7:52 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Google+ users are in for some good news, provided they utilize the Google+ Hangouts in every way possible.

Per reports, Google has pushed out a brand new update for Google+ Hangouts on Air live streams that will offer a far improved viewing experience when watching a video stream with just one presenter.

Hangouts on Air will now present themselves in a fullscreen mode by default when there's only one camera present. Moreover, the new view also removes the smaller thumbnail image of the presenter that was previously found directly below the main view. This was totally superfluous when only viewing one broadcaster.

"Looking for a full screen option to your Hangout On Air broadcast? This much anticipated feature is now available by default when only one participant is visible in your broadcast," Dori Storbeck of Google wrote. "If your HOA has multiple participants, you can still achieve full screen by utilizing the Cameraman app to put everyone but the main speaker 'backstage.'"

Hangouts On Air now takes the user's live streaming Hangout and introduces it to an embeddable YouTube player, which also records for later viewing. "If you're a band, a teacher or any type of performer, you'll be happy to know that your one-camera show will now have a gorgeous viewing option," TechCrunch states.

Fullscreen mode will also be presented as an option when more than one participant is in the Hangout, although users need to note that viewers will be stuck with only one camera view at a time.

"This feature is now the default. It's a pretty important one to have for professional musicians or news organizations, as the original display was kind of, well, amateur. Attracting these types of users helps Google build out a social platform that integrates with all of its products, as Hangouts On Air demonstrates by working quite nicely with YouTube. When you think about it, the service takes a lot of the hard work out of shooting live video, recording it and then sharing it to places like YouTube. It's done seamlessly," the report adds.

Hangouts on Air were launched back in May for all Google+ users, and since then, they've become quite popular with musicians and others who see it as a simple way to broadcast live videos.

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