iOS 7: How We Want The OS To Look (Concept)

24 January 2013, 12:25 pm EST By Sumit Passary email: Mobile & Apps

Rumors of the next-generation iDevices and the iOS 7 have been circling in the tech industry for a while now. With iOS 6 releasing in just September last year, the debut of iOS 7 does not seem very near; however, many concepts of the iOS 7 have emerged and show how the brand new user interface may look like.

Mads Bengtsson, a Danish designer, posted some images on of what could be included in the iOS 7. One of the images shows an App Flow concept, which is an app switching system. The concept imagines that users are able to find three most recently used apps as opposed to just the app icons showing up below the dock in portrait mode. The concept is more visually appealing and may ensure that you don't have to keep rotating your device to switch between apps.

Another concept feature of the iOS 7 is the re-imagined Photos app, which moves away from the current iOS look by placing albums inside horizontal rectangular thumbnails, which span the entire screen's width.

The designer also puts across a concept image of an "Activity log" which he describes as "one simple log accesed by notification center (Slide) - to see your acitivity and simply click to redo it."

Mads Bengtsson has also redesigned the Contacts app, which has a new layout. The image shows categories for friends, colleagues etc. and probably the picture on the thumbnails can be changed.

Some concept images also show a new top bar, which indicates the battery status and runs across the entire width of the display at all times. Instead of having a small battery icon, the top bar will indicate how much of the iPhone's battery is remaining. The top bar may change color depending on the battery charge of the smartphone. Most of the time the top bar will be green, but when it hits 20 percent it will turn to red, indicating to the user that it's time to recharge the battery.

These are some visions of what the iOS 7 may look like and incorporate, but we don't know if these concepts will be ever introduced in the next-generation operating system.

We will know the features of iOS 7 only when Apple makes a formal announcement. Till then, we will have to be satisfied with concepts that designers post as pictures and videos online.

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