Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Android Jelly Bean Manual Updated By Samsung: The Refresh Is Coming

28 January 2013, 9:03 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Here's a glimmer of hope for all Samsung Galaxy Note users patiently waiting for the highly anticipated Android Jelly Bean update.

Per reports, the official manual for the Android Jelly Bean OS for Galaxy Note has been updated by the company with new information posted on its UK Samsung Web site.

The new user manual, featured in the Galaxy Note GT-N7000 support page, has been updated to include the changes that the firmware update will bring to the device, and namely what Samsung are calling the Premium Suite. This includes a number of new features such as Google Now, and the Samsung Multi View feature.

Importantly, the manual is dated Jan. 25, 2013, and contains reference to 'JellyBean.' This could only mean that the long awaited Jelly Bean release date for the original Galaxy Note is slowly, but surely, nearing.

The Galaxy Note is yet to receive the Android Jelly Bean update, and while the official JB update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been pushed out all around the globe, more recently in Spain, there's still no word as to when the original Note will receive a similar refresh.

The last time something major was reported, it was in December. As far as the Jelly Bean for Note is concerned, it was learnt that the update was postponed to 2013.

"Sadly since the information about the big leak in Samsung's Exynos processor this firmware could be held back! Samsung could have plans to solve this bug first and update after! Which means you will not get 2 updates for example in one week which can be annoying. Another item is the time between the first release and the second release. Samsung wants to update more countries in one time. Not just Poland or Germany like we see plenty of times. Samsung wants to make one stable release for all countries in 1 - 2 weeks," the SamMobile reported.

"This information is also for Galaxy Note users."

However, the report also assured that the only good thing about this update "is a completely new experience thanks to the new Touch-Wizz update and of course the Android 4.1.2 experience which makes the phone feel lots faster."

Another report that further presents evidence of the JB update coming in fast is that Canadian carrier TELUS has officially revealed when it will start updating both the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S2. The carrier will begin rolling out the Jelly Bean update next month.

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