iOS 6.1 Arrives With Issues; Fifth Generation iPod Touch Users Not Able To Update

29 January 2013, 6:45 am EST By Shailesh Shrivastava email: Mobile & Apps

Within hours of Apple rolling out its latest mobile operating system, iOS 6.1, reports related to issues started coming from every corner.

Users of Apple's fifth-generation iPod Touch experienced Wi-Fi connectivity problems while updating their devices to iOS 6.1, and ended up making the devices unusable.

User of iPod touch took to Apple's discussion forum and posted the problems they faced while updating to iOS 6.1 from OTA.

"Hello, I have problem. When I update my iPod touch 5 Black from ios 6.0.1 to 6.1 on OTA, he didn't update, because i read error "Your disconnect internet". But I am have internet connection," a user posted.

The thread of the post grew longer as more users started posting the same problem.

"Yep. 5th gen is failing OTA and via iTunes (both Windows and Mac). I couldn't install 6.1 Beta 5 over the weekend, and now the final version fails -- when trying to restore or update -- too.

Many devs were mentioning that 6.1 wasn't installing on 5th gen Touches over on the iOS dev forums, but Apple released it today anyway. Weird. And not good.

Not user error. Apple's screwed something up here..." another user posted.

When most of the users were failing to updated to iOS 6.1, some users were able to recover their devices from the crash and update to iOS 6.1 successfully, but after making several attempts.

"I had the same problem... Tried OTA update, errored out for this same reason. Tried to update via itunes, and it kept saying that the build was not meant for my device. Tried to update again via itunes with my iPod 5 on recovery mode. No use...

Rebooted and gave up...

Drove home from work (No Wifi in Car) iPod updated in my pocket... So how about (as weird as this may be) trying to start the update again with wifi turned off?" a user posted on Apple's forum.

Apple has been battling with the Wi-Fi related issues since the release of iOS 6. Many users of iPhone 4S experience issues related to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when they updated to iOS 6.

However, there is no report of iPhone users experiencing the issues, so far.

According to Applevis, the problem is reported only by fifth-generation iPod touch and other iDevices are just working fine.

"We have not had any problems with any other models including the other generations of the iTouch. There are a few folks out there that have taken the leap to upgrade their iTouch 5th Generation and had no issues but many more did not have that same luck," it reported.

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