Windows Phone 7.8 Comes With Data Hogging, Battery Drain Bug, Heathcliff Confirms

3 February 2013, 5:31 am EST By Shailesh Shrivastava email: Mobile & Apps

Microsoft has rolled out its updated mobile operating system Windows Phone 7.8, and the OS has also been issued by most of the Windows-based smartphone makers to their users.

Though the new operating system gave many amazing features and updates to Windows Phone users, like most of the times, the new OS has been hit by issues like battery drain and data drain.

As the number of users updating their devices to Windows Phone 7.8 grows, the number of complaints regarding battery and data drain too is increasing.

Some users have already started commenting about the usual problems like not able to upgrade, files not found after update, email sync issues, etc. but the shocker came from renowned Windows phone hacker Heathcliff74.

On his blog, he posted that after updating his phone to Windows Phone 7.8 his data usage went over 600 MB just in a day.

The data hogging issues is not the only one the hacker found with the Windows Phone 7.8, battery drain that has been a major issue even with world's most prominent mobile maker, Apple, has also hit the Windows OS.

"Another thing I had noticed was that my battery seemed to be draining much faster than usual. I realized that the power-consumption was probably a result of the high data-traffic," he posted.

Though the hacker was successful in finding the exact problem behind the issues because of his expertise, the problem should be noticed by Microsoft and rectified soon.

Heathcliff confirmed that the issue got introduced in the Windows Phone 7.8, and wasn't there in any of the previous OS.

When he was trying to find the exact problem, he came across an app on an empty live-tile which needed to be updated.

"So I did a few tests. I watched the Nokia Counters app. I unpinned the app with empty tile. Data usage stopped. Pinning it on the start-menu again and 3G draining started immediately again. In my case, it used about 1 MB per minute!" he added.

Heathcliff's phone started behaving normal after that, however, he has advised Windows Phone 7.8 users to keep a check on their data usage.

"Watch your 3G usage. When it is absurdly high after the WP 7.8 update and one of the tiles is empty, unpin that app from the startmenu and see if the problem is gone," he stated before signing off.

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