Evasi0n Is As Smooth As Silk (Video Guide)

5 February 2013, 6:07 am EST By Shailesh Shrivastava email: s.shrivastava@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

Owners of iDevices running on iOS 6.0 through iOS 6.1 are busy finding tutorials to jailbreak their devices as the team evad3rs released the much-awaited untethered jailbreak Evasi0n.

Wait a second; do you really need a tutorial to perform a jailbreak through Evasi0n? No, should be your answer.

The new untethered jailbreak is the simplest jailbreak ever released by any jailbreak so far. Evasi0n doesn't require those tedious process users of iPhones, iPads, and iPods used to follow in order to jailbreak devices.

With Evasi0n you just have to download the Evasi0n file for your Windows/Mac/Linux computer run it in admin mode, plug your device to your computer and let Evasi0n take over.

Unlike earlier jailbreaks, with Evasi0n you don't have to keep taking the device to DFU mode. It is a program of few clicks.

User who went ahead and jailbroke their devices with in some hours of the jailbreak release, shared their experiences on Evasi0n's FAQ page.

"It was beautiful, no DFU mode, took less than 5 minutes. Almost as easy as the Slide to Unlock jailbreak," a user posted.

Some of the users found some small issues while jailbreaking, but the issues occurred because of little ignorance.

"Smooth as silk, but has been hung at "patching kernel" for 10 minutes. I'll give it a bit and restart if it needed," another user posted.

Replying to the user's post, Planetbeing replied

"Yes, that's why I added the line on the website saying if it does get stuck, it's safe to force a hard reset. The kernel patching process is somewhat prone to that due to the nature of the exploit I chose to use (to hide a better one from Apple).

If things are still happening, Initializing offsets..., Finding offsets..., Patching kernel..., Cleaning up... should all blink gray every second. If it's stopped blinking, then it means nothing is actually happening. At this point, you can force a hard reboot and it should work fine on the next reboot. You can also wait for the watchdog timer to reboot the phone automatically after ~10 minutes. Either way is fine."

Watch the below video to know how to jailbreak with Evasi0n:

Source: Cult of Mac

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