Microsoft's Surface Pro Commercial Unfortunately Same As Surface RT Commercial

12 February 2013, 4:28 pm EST By Jimmie Geddes email: Mobile & Apps

Microsoft has spent billions on the marketing of Windows 8 and some of that money went into making Microsoft's "The Vibe" Surface Pro commercial. It pretty much follows the same formula Microsoft used in its Surface with Windows RT commercial: Show hip guy, well-synchronized dancing while using the Surface as a prop, Surface clicking into a keyboard it doesn't come with, and once again never showing how the Surface actually works.

The Surface began as a fresh and innovative tablet, also the first one created by Microsoft but then the letdowns started to appear. Surface RT would not be able to install Windows applications, only applications purchased in Windows Store. The very cool cases demonstrated and appearing in virtually all press shots of the Surface would cost the user an extra $120-$130. The amount of space available to the user is much lower than the amount advertised and battery life isn't great.

Reviewers haven't responded favorably to Microsoft's Windows 8 tablet either. Almost every review of the Surface Pro pointed out its major flaws, such as available user space, battery life and price.

If Microsoft wants the Surface Pro and Surface RT to be understood, it needs to do a better job explaining.

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