How To Download And Manually Install Android 4.2.2 For Nexus 7

12 February 2013, 4:05 pm EST By Jimmie Geddes email: Mobile & Apps

Google has started releasing Android 4.2.2 for its Nexus 10 tablet, Nexus 7 tablet and the GSM Galaxy Nexus. Google is sending out the update OTA but if you're too impatient and want it now, you can choose between two ways to install it manually.

As with the Nexus 10, you'll need to be running stock JOP40D on your Nexus 7 in order for this to work. You can check the build by going to the Settings app, then tap About phone, scroll down to the build number and you'll see if your Nexus 7 is on JOP40D. If it is you can now proceed to download Android 4.2.2 for your tablet.

Once again, Droid-Life has posted detailed instructions on where to get Android 4.2.2 for the Nexus 7 and is providing two different methods of installing Android's latest update. You'll need to download the zip file here and proceed to installing it via Custom Recovery or Without Custom Recovery.

Instructions (Custom Recovery):

1.  Download the file noted above to your internal storage.
2.  Temporarily flash a custom recovery if you haven't already.

Windows | Mac

3.  Reboot into recovery.
4.  "Install zip from sd card."
5.  Choose the new JDQ39 update file and install.
6.  Enjoy.

Instructions (Without Custom Recovery):

1.  Download and install the Android SDK.
2.  Make sure adb is working correctly by typing in "adb devices" into a command prompt.

*You should get a serial number in return if your device is detected.

3.  In the same command prompt, type in "adb reboot bootloader" to reboot to fastboot.
4.  From the bootloader screen, scroll down to "Recovery" and select it.
5.  If you see an Android with an exclamation mark, press Volume Up and Power to move past to recovery.
6.  From the stock recovery, choose "apply update from adb."
7.  In adb type "adb sideload"
8.  If it works correctly, you should be taken through some online instructions.
9.  Select "reboot" and enjoy.

Your Nexus 7 should now be running Android 4.2.2 thanks to the excellent instructions provided by Droid-Life.

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