Microsoft 128GB Surface Pro Available Now: Grab It At Best Buy, Microsoft Store

16 February 2013, 6:04 am EST By Shailesh Shrivastava email: Mobile & Apps

Microsoft Surface Pro, which was out of stock just after some hours of its release, is once again available on Microsoft's Web site, Staples, and Best Buy.

The 128 GB version of the Surface Pro is available for $999, and will be delivered somewhere before March 1.

Microsoft's 64 GB version of the Surface Pro is available at all the sources since its release. Buyers of the 64 GB device are getting the delivery without any delay. But this wasn't the case with the 128 GB version.

Fans of Microsoft Surface Pro were really angry as the higher capacity model was out of stock and Microsoft could not meet with the demand because of its week supply strategy. However, the company's corporate vice president in charge of Surface, Panos Panay on Twitter disclosed that Microsoft is sending more 128 GB Pro to Microsoft Stores and Best Buy by Saturday.

"We are shipping more 64gb now to BBY, Staples, MS Store and online. 128gb at BBY and MS Stores by Saturday, he tweeted.

People who want the device to be delivered at doorstep can order it via Microsoft Store which is going to take about two weeks for shipping. However, for the people who can't wait any more to get their hands on this amazing device Best Buy stores are stocked with the 128 GB version and it can be picked up within hours.

Though more units of 128 GB Surface Pro have reached the inventories, it is not clear how many units are available with Best Buy and Microsoft Store. Going by the huge demand it looks like the stock is going to get over pretty sure as Microsoft could not have produced so many units in just some days.

The stock can last for long also if Microsoft is really not battling with a huge supply issue. If that is the case and the stock stays at the stores for long time despite the same demand continuing, the earlier shortage wasn't a supply issue.

If Microsoft can produce enough number of units in such a small time which is almost impossible, then the initial shortage can be seen as a strategy to create more demand.

Whatever the case might be, it's true that Microsoft Surface Pro is available now, and if you like the device you should better rush to your nearest outlet and grab one for you.

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