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Score Of Popular Apple iOS Apps Are Prone To Data Breach; Threatens Sensitive Financial & Banking Credentials

A score of popular apps from Apple Store with at least 18 million downloads were included in a security report due to vulnerabilities against data interception.

Apple Store February 9, 2017

Ways Google Play Is Better Than Apple App Store

Here are ways in which Google Play is better than the Apple App Store.

Apple Store January 30, 2017

Apple’s iOS 10 Jailbreak Release News: No Jailbreak Available; Serial iOS Hackers Cannot Impenetrate Apple’s Tightened Security? [VIDEO]

The newest operating system update for Apple, iOS 10.2, was just released. Jailbreak fans are also waiting for its jailbreak version. However, serial iOS hackers such as Pangu and Luca Todesco continue to remain silent about this matter.

Apple Store December 13, 2016

Ex-NBA star Rex Chapman arrested for stealing from an Apple Store by faking EasyPay self-checkout

Scottsdale, AZ police have arrested former NBA guard Rex Chapman for allegedly stealing $14,000 worth of merchandise from an Apple Store by faking EasyPay self-checkout.

Apple Store September 20, 2014

Apple to add iPhone 5S to in-store repair program on Monday, Aug. 4

Apple's in-store screen repair program has so far covered the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C, but it will reportedly include the iPhone 5S as well starting Monday, Aug. 4.

Apple Store August 1, 2014

Apple iPhone upgrade event coming this week in Apple Stores across the U.S.

Apple has reportedly scheduled an iPhone upgrade event for this week in its Apple Store locations across the U.S., aiming to boost sales of its latest smartphones.

Apple Store May 6, 2014

MacBook Air lineup updated with more horsepower, longer battery life, $100 lower price

Apple has updated its MacBook Air lineup with faster processors and longer battery life, while also dropping $100 off their price tags for a $899 starting price.

Apple Store April 29, 2014

Refurbished iPad Mini with Retina display starts at $419 at Apple Store

Apple has slashed prices for refurbished models of its iPad Mini with Retina display, which now start at $429.

Apple Store April 18, 2014

Apple finally ditches non-Retina iPad 2, relaunches 16GB iPad 4 for $399

Apple has officially kicked the iPad 2 to the curb and replaced it with the 16GB iPad 4, which is now available again for $399.

Apple Store March 18, 2014

iPhone 5S now shipping within 24 hours from the Apple Store

Apple has updated its online store to show 24-hour shipping times for the AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint iPhone 5S in all colors and storage configurations.

Apple Store December 10, 2013

iPad Mini with Retina display now available for $399 starting price

The new iPad Mini with Retina display has finally gone on sale, sporting a $399 starting price for the 16GB Wi-Fi model.

Apple Store November 12, 2013

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