Final Fantasy XV

'Final Fantasy XV' Director Talks About 'Dream Machine' Nintendo Switch

Director of popular Square Enix game "Final Fantasy XV" talks about the his fascination with hybrid console Nintendo Switch.

Final Fantasy XV February 27, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News: First DLC Episode Releasing On March 28, Multiplayer Versions For Independent Avatars Upcoming!

The first "Final Fantasy XV" add-on DLC will be releasing on March 28 as a part of the "Final Fantasy" season pass. Players may also purchase the DLC separately for only $5!

Final Fantasy XV February 27, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' Mutliplayer Mode Will Feature Player Created Avatars, New Feature Now Being Developed

Hajime Tabata revealed in a recent interview that the 'Final Fantasy XV' multiplayer mode will feature player created avatars instead of playing the original four characters.

Final Fantasy XV February 26, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' VR Will Feature New Game Content, But Don't Expect It Any Time Soon

'Final Fantasy XV' VR will not be released any time soon. However, players can expect new game contents once the feature is released.

Final Fantasy XV February 26, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' Episode Gladiolus Gets Standalone Price; Square Enix Reveals His Story

Square Enix has finally added more details about "Final Fantasy XV" DLC, Episode Gladiolus. Here's the price for the content plus the story players will follow.

Final Fantasy XV February 24, 2017

'FInal Fantasy XV' Leaks: Upcoming 'FFXV' World Of Versus DLC; Episode Ignis, Platinum Demo & More Cutscenes For Noctis, Luna & Others

There is a leak that "Final Fantasy XV" will have a World of Versus DLC as well as Episode Ignis, a Platinum Demo, and more character cutscenes among others.

Final Fantasy XV February 24, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale' Spin-Off Game Is Now Free For Everyone Starting March 1

The exclusive pre-order bonus "Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale" spin-off game is now free for everyone to download beginning March 1, 2017.

Final Fantasy XV February 23, 2017

'A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV' Available March 1 For Free In EU, NA Release Date Possible On Feb. 28

The retro style 2D 'A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV' game will be available for free in EU starting March 1.

Final Fantasy XV February 22, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' High Frame Rate Mode Receives Criticisms As It Didn't Meet Expectations

The newest "Final Fantasy XV" update included a higher frame rate mode. However, fans were not as happy as they expected.

Final Fantasy XV February 22, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' Patch 1.05 Is Out, Offers Framerate Boost of 60fps on PS4 Pro; Observers Claim Update is a Failure

"Final Fantasy XV" 1.05 update is live but reviewers say that it is not recommended to be installed on PS4 Pro. The claims state that FFXV game gets worse when the patch was installed.

Final Fantasy XV February 21, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' Bonus News: Cup Noodle Headgear DLC As Boss Collection Bonus!

A Cup Noodle Headgear is being offered as collection bonus for the "Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection". This is the first sponsor collaboration for the game between Nissin Foods and Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XV February 17, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' Joins GDC 2017 As Trailer Launches; Devs To Talk About 'Epic And Interactive' Music

The developers of "Final Fantasy XV" will be bringing the "epic and interactive" music of the game to this year's GDC.

Final Fantasy XV February 14, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' Gameplay Guide & Tricks: Where To Find ODEKA Ke Chocochick in Altissia

Here is the latest guide on how to collect all the hidden Chocochicks in Altissia to complete “Final Fantasy XV” ODEKA Ke Chocochick quest.

Final Fantasy XV February 13, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' DLC Details Revealed [VIDEO]; When Is The New Content Coming To PS4 & Xbox One?

During a new Active Time Report broadcast, "Final Fantasy XV Director" Hajime Tabata spilled the beans about the DLC pattern for the game while explaining why some characters are given more priority than others.

Final Fantasy XV February 9, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' DLC Update: Episode Ignis Will Be Last Due To Its Story Impact; Insights On The Game's Character Creation

"Final Fantasy 15" developers has revealed their plans for the game's downloadable content

Final Fantasy XV February 8, 2017

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