Galaxy Tab S

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 accidentally confirmed in app changelog

Samsung has accidentally confirmed the existance of the Galaxy Tab S2 in an app changelog.

Galaxy Tab S May 10, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Tab S hits T-Mobile on Dec. 10

T-Mobile has announced that it's ready to start selling the 10.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S next week, on Nov. 10.

Galaxy Tab S December 3, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab S UK pre-orders now live: Pricing & Availability

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets have gone up for pre-order in the UK, set to start shipping early next month.

Galaxy Tab S June 15, 2014

Galaxy Tab S breaks cover with Super AMOLED greatness: All you need to know about Samsung’s ‘best tablet ever’

Samsung has officially unveiled its new Galaxy Tab S lineup, boasting top-notch Super AMOLED displays and high-end specs all around.

Galaxy Tab S June 13, 2014

Samsung tablet with 12-inch 4K display spotted in the wild at Roland Garros

An unannounced 12-inch Samsung tablet with a 4K UHD display has been spotted in the wild, used as part of an LTE Broadcast demonstration during the French Open at Roland Garros.

Galaxy Tab S June 7, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab S pre-orders to start on June 13?

A leaked inventory listing has revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S will go up for pre-order on June 13 and go on sale on June 27.

Galaxy Tab S June 6, 2014

Samsung Tablet Trio leaked with WQHD 2560 x 1600 screens, two with Super AMOLED

Three Samsung tablets have leaked with WQHD screens (2560 x 1600 resolution), and two of them reportedly boast Super AMOLED displays.

Galaxy Tab S May 12, 2014

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