Nintendo Switch update

New Nintendo Switch Launch Titles Announced Few Days Before March 3 Release Date

“Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove,” “Specter of Torment” expansion and “Fast RMX" will be released on March 3 as Nintendo Switch launch titles.

Nintendo Switch update February 24, 2017

Nintendo Switch Virtual Console Will Not Be Launched On March 3

The Virtual Console feature of Nintendo Switch will not be available on March 3.

Nintendo Switch update February 24, 2017

Nintendo Switch Shipped Early By Mistake, Switch Features Leaked Online [video]

A Nintendo Switch game console was allegedly shipped earlier than the March 3 official release day by mistake.

Nintendo Switch update February 17, 2017

Nintendo Switch Specs Revealed In New Leaked Document

A recently leaked Nintendo Switch document revealed the internal specs of the new hybrid video game console.

Nintendo Switch update February 16, 2017

Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Details, Games List, Release Date & More

The official announcements about the Nintendo Switch console came in last month, and since then a number of retailers have started accepting Nintendo Switch pre-order offers for the console. But a look at the list of games will intrigue the fans.

Nintendo Switch update February 15, 2017

Nintendo Switch: All You Want To Know About The Upcoming Console

Nintendo Switch is highly anticipated console in the recent times. Here is a complete information you need about the games, price, specs etc.

Nintendo Switch update February 8, 2017

EA Sports Reveals Details About FIFA For The Nintendo Switch

A recent interview from GameReacter has revealed some interesting information about a possible FIFA game for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch update February 7, 2017

Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Available: Hurry Up Before It Is Gone

Nintendo is facing stock shortages for Switch too. However, the Nintendo Switch Pre-order in now available online and at a few stores.

Nintendo Switch update February 4, 2017

Nintendo Switch Official Specs Reveals 6.2-inch Capacitive Touchscreen Display; Hybrid Console Less Powerful Than PS4? [VIDEO]

Nintendo has just released the official specifications of its upcoming hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch update January 29, 2017

'Elder Scroll V: Skyrim' Special Edition With 'Skyrim' Mod Support Coming To Nintendo Switch

Reports suggest that Nintendo Switch is likely to have the Skyrim Special Edition.

Nintendo Switch update January 27, 2017

Nintendo Switch News: Reggie Fils-Aime Talks Why Hybrid Console Won't Have Same Fate As Wii U

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime released a statement about the Switch that assures everyone the console will be a success.

Nintendo Switch update January 23, 2017

Nintendo Switch Update: Could The Console Be Nintendo's Entry Into Esports?

Nintendo Switch trailer has indicated an updated stance in the company's position over Esports. However, it is a known fact that Nintendo has never been a great fan of international competitive gaming events.

Nintendo Switch update January 23, 2017

Smartphone App for Matchmaking, Lobbying & Chat Will Launch Alongside Nintendo Switch as Part of Online Service

A smartphone app will launch alongside Nintendo Switch in March as a part of online service, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime revealed.

Nintendo Switch update January 21, 2017

Nintendo Switch Review: What You Need To Know About The New Console

There are still more details that were going to figure out regarding to the upcoming Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo Switch update January 21, 2017

Nintendo Switch Won’t Be Region-Locked; Fans Unsure About Online Service

Business Insider has stated that the “Nintendo Switch Online Service” will take time to fully blossom. Certain gaming enthusiasts also believe that this online service will in fact become a turn-off for many as they will not get a new game every month. Instead, it will be a time-limited access to games.

Nintendo Switch update January 20, 2017

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