Virtual Reality Headset

Dallas Court Starts Trial Of $2B Lawsuit Filed By ZeniMax Claiming Oculus VR Stole Key Technology

The Oculus Rift VR headset is at the center of a $2-billion legal battle after the gaming company that developed it claims Oculus stole key technology from the company.

Virtual Reality Headset January 13, 2017

Virtual Reality; a Useful Tool to Strengthen Positive Behaviors

Virtual reality can be a useful tool in serving us to better understand others, an important procedure to become nicer a neighborhood and a model character to others.

Virtual Reality Headset January 4, 2017

From An Object Of Curiosity, VR To Transition In 2017 Into A Tangible Tool To Enhance Mundane Activities

Tech experts see virtual technology as evolving further and becoming an important technology in 2017, going beyond gaming.

Virtual Reality Headset December 29, 2016

Samsung Gear VR Browser: New Update Brings WebVR Plus Changing Background Feature; Vivid 360-Degree Image Content & More [VIDEO]

Samsung Gear VR Browser's new update brings WebVR, improving a user's overall experience when browsing the internet in VR headsets.

Virtual Reality Headset December 23, 2016

Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset leaks online, to launch at IFA 2014

Samsung's rumored virtual reality headset has leaked in a new image online and is reportedly set to launch at IFA 2014 in September as the Gear VR.

Virtual Reality Headset July 9, 2014

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