For Honor

'For Honor' Patch 1.03 Released, Big Stat and Attack Changes for Valkyrie, Peacekeepers, Berserkers and Conquerors

The big "For Honor" Patch 1.03 was released earlier in the week and contained some hefty changes to several character classes.

For Honor March 2, 2017

‘For Honor’ Accounts Getting Banned For No Reason Upsets Players; Faulty Ubisoft Servers or EAC Bug?

Problems with “For Honor’s” servers are causing players to leave the game already.

For Honor February 27, 2017

'For Honor' Guide: How To Obtain Amazing Gear; Get Basic, Armor, Weapon & Premium Packs

Here’s an easy way to get better gear in “For Honor.”

For Honor February 27, 2017

‘For Honor’ Players Complaining About Uplay Server Issues; Great Rewards In Store On Game Completion

Latest reports suggest that the Uplay servers are down and players of “For Honor,” “Ghost Recon Wildlands” beta and “Rainbow Six Siege” are facing a lot of issues as a result. Ubisoft has acknowledged the situation stating that it is working to resolve the problem as soon as possible and that the services are currently facing degradation.

For Honor February 25, 2017

'For Honor' Review: Multiplayer Mode Is A Dream Come True, Single Player Not Upto The Mark

"For Honor" is a complete martial arts game, a mix-up emotion of warriors who use their abilities and resources to conquer the conflicts. The multi-player mode has indeed been a great success, while the single player mode is not entirely convincing.

For Honor February 24, 2017

'For Honor' Guide: Why Spending Steel For Equipment At The Start Of The Game Is Not A Good Idea

Starting "For Honor" by spending Steel to buy equipment might not be a good idea.

For Honor February 22, 2017

‘For Honor’ Gameplay Guide: Level Up Fast Thru Reputation System; Here’s How [VIDEO]

“For Honor” players can level up fast by using challenging mechanics thru the Reputation System. Here’s how to gain Reputation points.

For Honor February 20, 2017

'For Honor' Steel Glitch Could Potentially Yield Unlimted Steel; How To Get Steel Without Using The Glitch

A player recently claimed to have discovered a Steel Glitch in "For Honor" which could potentially give players unlimited steel.

For Honor February 20, 2017

'For Honor' Accolade Trailer Released [VIDEO]; Game Out Now For PS4, Xbox One & PC

"For Honor" is now up for grabs on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The title recently received an awe-inspiring promotional trailer dubbed 'Accolade.'

For Honor February 20, 2017

‘For Honor’ News & Update: How Important Is Parrying In The Game? Pushing & Special Moves Discussed Too

If the latest “For Honor” reviews are to be believed, it’s a tough game and amazingly precise. The game rewards players who possess quick and smart decision-making capabilities and have their reflexes honed.

For Honor February 17, 2017

‘For Honor’ Update: All The Known Issues & Some Workarounds For PS4, Xbox One & PC Listed Here

General issues, connectivity and online kinks, custom match, grouping, fight and other glitches are some of the problems "For Honor's" developers are working on solving now.

For Honor February 16, 2017

‘For Honor’ Gameply Guide: Earn Steel In Three Quickest Ways; Here’s How [VIDEO]

Here are some of the fastest ways to earn “For Honor’s” in-game currency, Steel, as players get to start buying and customizing new gear.

For Honor February 15, 2017

‘For Honor’ Release Date Has Finally Come: Map Hides ‘Mortal Kombat’ Easter Egg As Beta Ends; Find It Here

Sharp blades to conquer enemies, and sharp eyes for finding "Mortal Kombat" easter eggs.

For Honor February 14, 2017

‘For Honor’ ‘The Art Of Battle’ Gameplay Mechanic To Put Players In Total Control; Players Need To Master Defense

Ever wondered which weapon is going to steal the show in Ubisoft’s “For Honor?” It’s the sword, the cool weapon that has found pride in the hands of the Samurai, the Knight and even a Jedi. The upcoming multiplayer game, developed by Ubisoft’s Montreal studio, will put players in the armor of a Viking, a Knight or a Samurai.

For Honor February 14, 2017

'For Honor' Latest News: Game Available Starting February 14; Official Release Date, Time & Size; Gameplay & More

"For Honor" is available on digital downloads and physical release starting February 14 and here are the details of the time and release dates for your location as well as the latest gameplay.

For Honor February 14, 2017

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