Tesla Scraps Production Of Model X 60D For Model 3? Demand Declines For Older Model

14 October 2016, 1:40 pm EDT By Ribhu . Mobile & Apps

Tesla has announced plans to retire its Model X 60D car, and this is due to a reason that is expected to be announced by October 17. Insiders revealed that the scrapped Model X 60D has a 75kWh battery, together with the Model S 60 with restricted software in each model.

The decision comes after quite a bit of consideration.

Analysts think Tesla might have decided to cut out the Model X 60D due to poor customer demand, even though the car model met warm reception when it was introduced in the market months ago.

Meanwhile, a number of deficiencies were reported with the car, and this includes faulty falcon-winged doors, and unresponsive sensors. It was expected that software upgrades would have solved the problem.

For other Model X cars, the falcon-wing doors work perfectly after a number of software upgrades, and the car sold fine in Norway, China, and the Netherlands. But sales have not been encouraging in other parts of the world.

The Model X 75D comes with a price tag of $86,700 and the 90D model ships at $96,700 while the P100D ships for $136,700.

Tesla produces top-of-the-line electric and hybrid cars with very little emissions. Tesla has been the talk of the town too, Axon, a Seattle-based company, is giving away the upcoming Tesla to lure its employees.

The auto company has not recalled cars as much as other companies have been doing, and it is considered a point to note in quality assurance. More news on the upcoming Tesla models.

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