Microsoft Surface Phone Will Reportedly Not Make An Appearance During MWC 2017

27 December 2016, 9:10 am EST By Mara Rev Mobile & Apps

Microsoft is surely one of the most successful tech companies around the world. In fact, it is dubbed as one of the tech giants in the industry of operating systems, software and computers. Now, the company is slowly entering the smartphone market.

The unveiling of Microsoft Surface Phone should have been during the Mobile World Congress, or MWC. It is one of the biggest tech events that is coming up in February 2017. It was speculated that Microsoft will reveal the Microsoft Surface Phone at that event. Sadly, the wait for the device is going to be longer.

According to Forbes, Microsoft Surface Phone will miss the February event, much to the disappointment of those who have been waiting for the launch since news about it came out. This is because Windows 10's performance will be upgraded in the second half of 2017. This feature update will be called Redstone 3 and it will likely be the time the Surface Phone will be rolled out.

Microsoft is looking to match its latest software with an ultra-high specified device and exquisite styling and performance. Until Microsoft Surface Phone comes out, Windows 10 will be carried by Microsoft's hardware partners, which focus on Windows 10 mobile in HP for MWC. HP's Elite X3 smartphone is powered by Windows 10 mobile, which is also quite a capable smartphone that places it alongside LG V20, Google Pixel and iPhone 7.

It could take some time before fans could have a chance to see the Microsoft Surface Phone, but it's obvious that the compay is cooking something up its sleeves. With what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella described as "the ultimate mobile device," fans are highly anticipating its unveiling.

Microsoft may not reveal the elusive Microsoft Surface Phone during the Mobile World Congress 2017. However, this could be another step toward its ultimate mobile device not only surviving in the smartphone market but thriving, as well.

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