'Super Mario Run' Surpassed 'Pokemon Go' in Terms of Download, But Why Critics Call it a Flop

8 January 2017, 9:24 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

It is confusing why despite surpassing the number of downloads that "Pokemon Go" made, "Super Mario Run" is still being considered a flop. Come to think of it, "Super Mario Run" broke a record that many mobile gamers thought would be staying for at least few years.

Apart from breaching "Pokemon Go" record, "Super Mario Run" was able to amass 90 million downloads in just barely a month. Remember that "Super Mario Run" is limited to iOS as well. Its final number of downloads could have ballooned to unprecedented figure had it launch on Android too.

Here are some thoughts as to why "Super Mario Run" is still suffering harsh criticisms even with these accomplishments under its belt. The game is fun to play and could be adrenaline-rusher at some point but not without its biggest weakness. People are disappointed in some way because "Super Mario Run" requires persistent internet to play and the need to pay, Business Insider assessed.

It seems that Nintendo subtly shuns piracy (which is, of course, very reasonable actuation) at the expense of limited gaming experience. Come to think of it, "Super Mario Run" is dead when gamers are boarding planes or subways or other are with weak internet, GoombaStomp said.

The only explanation that "Super Mario Run" creator Shigeru Miyamoto gave is the need to tweak the game based on individual network environments of each country where the game was released. Then he capped the answer with a statement that "Super Mario Run" needs to be secured wherever country it is.

Now here is the catch: "Super Mario Run" have indeed posted a stunning 90 million downloads. Of this figure, only 3 percent bought the game and this is indeed heartbreaking. With the price point for full unlock of "Super Mario Run" at $10, it seems that players are still adamant to shell money. But anyway, who knows if "Super Mario Run" is going to be another "Candy Crush Saga" story where developers reaped $1.88 billion even of there were only 4 percent who bought the game.

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